Fully Autonomous AI fAUTONOMY,
AI plug-in for All Game Developers

fAutonomy is an Unity plugin which allows you to easily attach AI on your game.

Add Deep Learning AI to your game!

fAutonomy for Unity is the World's 1st Deep Learning AI plug-in for Unity

  • Seamlessly integratable with Unity Editor
  • Control agents(NPCs) or any other aspects of your game.
  • Using DNN to control agents in your game beyond traditional game AI
  • Goal-Driven AI

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What Can you Do With fAutonomy?

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About fAutonomy

fAutonomy enables Unity games developer to visually construct AI models and AI behaviours, and then using AIBrain's fAutonomy AI servers, generate DNNs (Deep Neural Networks), which implement the given AI behaviours.
The Unity games developer can then easily plug these DNNs into their game (using the simple and straightforward C# API delivered by fA) to provide advanced AI control to any aspect of it, but mainly to provide advance AI control to their in-game agents, e.g. NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

(Quick Start Guide)

Features and Specification

  • Goal-Driven DNN

    Set goals and conditions to generate AI

  • GUI based simple editor

    Easily editable without writing code

  • PDDL-based AI planning

    PDDL(Planning Domain Definition Language) is used to define AI domains and problems

  • Account based system

    Register your own fAutonomy ID to get subscribed
    * You can use fAutonomy without registering ID

  • Unity Version Requirement

    Unity 2018.2.1 or newer

  • Releases

    0.95-beta (Aug. 2, 2018)

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